Ultimo Essential Go Live!

Lightweight and easy-to-use Ultimo Platform leads the transformation of the security industry


Configure the license according to the number of FR cameras. FR camera for face detection, capture and contrast

Configure the license according to the number of FR terminals. FR terminal can use facial recognition to open door locks, gates, etc. for access control

Configure the license according to the number of LPR cameras. Integrated current main LPR system, unified control and management of vehicles by Ultimo

Configure the license according to the pre-registration function module. Ultimo offer pre-registration module for visitor/vehicle registration to choose.

Configure the license according to the attendance function module. Attendance module can check employee's attendance by facial recognition access control

Configure the license according to visitor tracking module. Ultimo provides incident management features such as overstay, destination tracking, etc.

FR Camera

FR Terminal




Visitor Tracking


Not just a simple software platform, but also an intelligent IoT awareness security system.


High-Performance security management system bring superb user experience with low investment and high return


Saved Manpower

Manual Work

3 Receptionist for registration, authentication

Less Manpower

Only need 1 receptionist,2 self-kiosk instead of receptionist with high efficiency


The Pass Speed Increased

Passing Slowly

About 25 people/min by card authentication

Extreme Speed

About 35 people/min by contactless facial recognition


Save the Investment

High Investment

Put a lot of manpower and resources into building and maint

Lowest Cost

Only need one Ultimo Essential System integrated with current CCTV system,


System Utilization Increased

Low System Utilization

Each system works independently without data sharing, so the system utilization is very low

High Performance Platform

A unified management platform combine various systems to achieve multi-source data

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