The leading edge intelligence security collaboration system based on biological recognition started from here.Since end of Year 2017, SinoVision has officially expanded the product development wing to innovate a Visitor Management and Security Collaboration System, which is designed to allow for automated as well as augmented decision making and actions when responding to situation factors. With the capabilities of physical security information management (PSIM), this system provides an ideal solution for surveillance, event monitoring, incident reporting management, 3rd party integration, data mining and operation management for visitor/staff/tenant/vehicle and now we made everthing into this one Ultimo platform.

Product Advantage

SinoVision® provides rich and comprehensive artificial intelligence security solutions for a variety of applications and industry. Integrated everything about security with one and only platform - Ultimo®.

Technical Advantage

Using cutting-edge biological recognition technology and artificial intelligence depth learning algorithm to construct unified and integrated intelligent security. And with data mining now applied to security senarios to higher your security efficiency and user experience.

Service Advantage

Starring projects around S.E.A shows our quality of our services, we focus on every single details from pre-sales to project construction as well as after-sales supports to ensure the comfortable experience of our every end users. Now with SinoVision, just simply propose your needs and we will do all the rest things for you.


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+65 6909 2369
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